Monday -- Pot-Au-Feu & BYOB

The BEST day to pair your favorite wine in your own wine cellar with our bone broth stew and NO CORKAGE FEE!!

Tuesday -- Canard à la Presse

Developed in the historic Parisian restaurant, La Tour D'Argent, Canard à la Press (or Pressed Duck) starts with a whole roasted Muscovy Duck, a special, particularly gamey variety of the bird. After, all the good parts of the duck (i.e. the breasts, thighs, drumsticks, etc.) are filleted off the bone, and left to rest. In the meantime, the leftover bones and carcass are placed in a special duck-pressing mechanism that helps to squeeze out all of the good bone marrow, natural juices, and blood out of the beautiful bird, and then all that intensely-flavored liquid is folded into a cognac sauce. 

Served with whole salt-crusted beets, and a slew of seasonal veggies, there's only one way this isn't the best damn piece of poultry you've ever had, and that's if you came by Thursday for the Poulet en Vessie!

[Cause it is a whole Duck, and cause it is rabbit season, please call or go to the contact page to reserve your Canard if you can't live without it]


Wednesday -- Lobster Thermidor

A melty Gruyere and Lobster masterpiece.

Thursday -- Poulet en Vessie

If we told you we were boiling bouillon around pig-bladder-encased, truffle-laced Sasso chickens, and then melting foie gras confit into a sauce for said-chickens, is that something you'd be interested in? 

[The Poulet sells fast, call or email to reserve yours before you arrive!]